Are bloodhound dogs detecting Coronavirus effectively?

American Airlines Arena in Miami began using Coronavirus detection dogs to monitor guests and employees.

Throughout these last decades, dogs began to be used for various precautionary activities. Like the detection of explosives or drugs. The most recent ability of these animals is the result of training them to detect people infected with coronavirus.Photo credit

Since the fall of last year, these animals began to be used officially in some airports by giving them the smell of a piece of cloth smeared on human skin. And it is only a short time since Coronavirus-detection dogs have been used in sports stadiums. American Airlines Arena in Miami is using this technique, Which is still experimental.

The NBA Team Miami Heat first came to this idea of using dogs when they were researching different ways to bring back their fans into the Live Basketball matches in a safer way

The dogs used by the team are from a Company called SNIFF. As they enter the stadium, the spectators will line up with their hands placed to the sides. While the dogs are walking and smelling each of the people. If the dogs pass by without stopping, the sniffed person is free to enter the game. But if the dog stands next to someone else, it means that the person may be infected with coronavirus. Then the person detected will not be allowed access and neither will their party. The money will be returned to them along with brochures with health and safety information.

Although the dogs have been used in some airports and public transportation facilities, it is still unclear whether they can 100% reliability detect COVID-19 in people.