There is a new way to detect the Coronavirus more accurately on surfaces

January 5, 2021

Surface testing, a cheap and safe method of tracking pathogens, has been used to detect pathogens in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. Given the inconveniences that have occurred in the course of this pandemic, it is now being used to detect if COVID-19 has entered a building. A company specialized in biotechnology called Enviral Tech adapted these techniques for use in companies that already have active personnel and in this way they will have greater protection and peace of mind when working in closed places.

Using preliminary surface test data stored 10 years ago during influenza (H1N1) virus, scientists conducted studies at more than 50 care centers in the United States of America to test high-touch surfaces such as locks and doorknobs, guardrails, and computers to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They found that it is possible to isolate a possible outbreak by tracking the movement of people who came into contact with various commonly used items such as those mentioned above before testing positive for COVID-19. According to CMM ONLINE: “By using surface testing, we were able to give them an early warning and allow them to act before people started showing symptoms of contagion," said scientist Shula Jaron.

Enviral Tech researchers believe that by combining the technology with other infection control measures, such as frequent cleaning and disinfecting, as well as social distancing and the use of face masks, it can facilitate creating a safer, infection-free environment.

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