According to a study in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 77,000 different types of bacteria and viruses exist in restrooms. These are spread all across the restroom due to the aerosol effect that happens when the toilet is flushed. This information maybe makes you want to disinfect your restrooms a little more often right?

For most people, the normal or average times on going to the restroom is 6 or 7 times per day. If the area is not well disinfected, the spread of bacteria and viruses can go to other common surfaces.

Common rest areas for harmful micro-organisms

Door Handles

Every entry and exit to all places have these and are almost unavoidable, it is hard for people to remember each time they need to open or close a door, to disinfect the handle. As they are so used, they are the perfect way to travel between peoples' hands.

Dispensers and dryers

Touchless soap, foam, and towel dispensers are gaining popularity on restrooms around the world. This helps you to avoid touching a surfaces just after cleaning / disinfecting your hands. Another study in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, confirms that hot.air dryers collect and spread bacteria from the air directly to freshly washed hands. Also, mechanic towel dispensers makes you touch the dispenser to make paper come out. This is why automatic paper dispensers are the best choice, also it is a great idea to locate them near the exit so everyone can use the same paper towel they used to clean their hands to open the door.

Light switches

These switches are usually overlooked while cleaning and disinfecting becoming a perfect spot for bacteria and viruses to stay and grow. Technology has implemented sensors which automatizes running on and off light whether they detect movement or not. With these, people avoid the need to turn on/off switches every time they go in/out the restroom.

Restroom stalls

As said before, everything spreads in the restroom through the flush of the toilet. This is why cleaning and disinfecting should be deep and regular in all the area.

 Cleaning restrooms 101

It is very important that cleaning staff follows the best practices and processes while cleaning and disinfecting, specially due to the current COVID-19 scenario we are living through.

Some areas are difficult to reach. High pressure products are your best friend beating brushes and other tools.

A said in this article, clean before disinfect. The first step to ensure a safe area is removing the soil that can affect the disinfectant performance. Also use different tool for each activity, try not to mix cleaning tools with disinfecting tools.

In order to get the best results and the safest areas are achievable through the best practices and flow of information. Cleaning and disinfecting common and high traffic areas is getting more and more important due to the pandemic scenario, but it should stay as a good habit for the future.