Ultraviolet (UV) Technology is giving great results to kill Coronavirus in schools

Mundelein High School located in the northern part of Chicago is one of more than 75 institutions that is experimenting with UV lighting systems. This technology is no longer something new as hospitals throughout the country use it to disinfect operating rooms and other important areas of their facilities.

The companies that supply this UV technology have reduced the size of the machinery to use it in a more portable way, although its cost is not entirely accessible, since the units have a price that ranges from around $14,000 each.

In an interview given to the FOX 32 news network, the principal of the school, Kevin Quinn says that “It’s 99.9% effective on the coronavirus, MRSA, influenza, and other things like that. Every night, the custodians transport the UV machines from one room to another, and from office to office. They place them in the central part of each place. Later, all they have to do is press a button that gives them an approximate time of 30 seconds to clear the area and turn on the UV lights and begin to exterminate all kinds of germs and viruses. Since we started with this new modality of sanitizing, there has been no evidence of Coronavirus infections in our high school”.

The principal also tells us that at first there was some concern among parents and staff at the school due to this new technology but everything has gone wonderfully along with other measures that have been taken against COVID-19. When the pandemic is over, the school will continue to use ultraviolet light machines to fight other illnesses such as colds and flu.