The emergence of Covid-19 pandemic and the social and economic consequences linked to it, have caused the transformation of some activities that seek to adapt to this situation. All groups fight every day to continue offering their products and services.

Affected governments and specialists recommend that the reactivation of our economy should be gradual, slowly encouraging companies to follow health and safety protocols in order to ensure a safe restart of their activities.

The most important safety procedures to keep in mind before re-opening a business

These are some safety measures we must take to ensure a healthy and clean environment for both our customers and employees alike:

  • The priority of an organization is creating an environment where not only the customer feels safe, but the staff as well, to ensure a perfect and healthy working environment.
  • Focus on being healthy with sanitary emphasis. Communication with employees is key to raise awareness and familiarize them with available resources and strategies.
  • Train staff preventive measures to avoid any unwanted contact with the virus.
  • Minimum contact between staff, this includes not sharing office equipment. 
  • Develop strategies to keep your staff away from public spaces as much as possible. Remote work should give your company a safe start, as long as this works with towards your goals. You can read more about the consequences of working remotely in this article.

Some of the biggest concerns about the restart of business activities, are some health effects caused by this new normality such as an infection of the virus, stress, work absenteeism, professional wear, or other health issues related to be physical inactive.

Clever strategies

The worst is over and it is the opportunity for companies to emerge stronger than ever developing clever strategies such as several airlines have new protocols which describe the correct disinfection process each plane should take before any flight.

In education, several countries adopted remote education where children had to change their daily routine using communication technologies to continue their studies without losing time and opportunities.

The usage of QR codes has never been so high, this technology allows enterprise to display information to customers (like menus on restaurants) without giving a physical exchange of information. This gives confidence and security to customers allowing them to have full control over their needs related to a company.

Everybody and every enterprise need to adapt to this new reality and a lot of changes must be done to make things work again. New working tactics and philosophies need to be mixed with new IT technologies to be prepared on getting the best out of the worst situation.