Colorado health officials announced Tuesday the primarily known case within the United States of America of the variant of Covid-19 originally discovered within the UK.

Dec 29 th 2020

The variant of covid-19 was identified in a man of roughly 20 years, from Colorado, who has no travel history, The governor of the state of Colorado, Jared Polis, commented that the person is isolated and can remain so until the authorization is given by the health officials. 

No close contacts are found to the infected person. However, health officials are within the process of tracking them down, he said. We still do not know much about this new variant of the virus. But scientists within the UK and African country warn that it's far more contagious, "said Polis. “Our highest priority is that the health and safety of Coloradans. and that we are going to be constantly monitoring this case.

Health authorities all around the world have said that the variant appears to be no more deadly than previously identified strains of Covid-19. 

"Although it's a more contagious variant and so a significant concern, if it's only now getting down to spread, as our hospitals and medical aid units particularly, are already filling up," said Dr. Atul Gawande, member of the Covid transition planning board of Biden-Harris, Colorado. 

But mitigating factors - social distancing, mask use, hand washing - that employment against the virus also works against this variant, he said. "If this mutation, this mutated virus, which is more contagious, isn't yet widespread and is getting down to spread, meaning it'll be even more important to follow the approaches that we all know work," he said.
The U.S. will likely see "homegrown variants" of the virus, almost like the United Kingdom variant, said Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of medical specialty at Baylor College of Drugs.

Hotez said that if the U.S begins conducting more genomic surveillance of the virus, it'll likely identify additional strains of the virus within the country.