Everything has its right cleaning time and product. Keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean has become a priority this year. Keeping this in mind, it is easier to get used to new cleaning paradigms in order to make then part of our daily routine.

Our hands first

Keeping clean our most useful tool to reach with the surroundings is the first step to ensure health and safeness. 

There are several ways to achieve this:

  • Washing our hands frequently with plenty of water and soap.
  • Disinfecting using hand sanitizers.
  • Use paper towers instead of hot air blowers.
  •  Prioritize no-touch dispensers or mechanisms that helps avoid touching surfaces.  

Frequent used surfaces in common areas

The correct management of assets and materials in common areas also helps on common welfare. It is really important to keep all areas well ventilated as well as the vent system cleaned constantly.

Correct management of wastes also prevents bacteria and virus culture which later spreads diseases.

Followed by high traffic surfaces

 Keep in mind that the tool makes the master. Ensure the best results with a mixture of teaching protocols to your cleaning staff with right products. Cleaning staff must make sure every area is free from dangerous micro-organisms.

 Each surface we are in touch with has its own cleaning product and method. For example, restrooms, carpets and furniture each has the correct chemical in order to ensure the best possible cleaning.

Also is important to consider:

  • Correct tools for each task such as microfibers, mops, wipes, buckets, sprayers, one for each area and surface.
  •  The right equipment like safety glasses, googles, face masks / shields, aprons, gloves.