Quality processes are a priority in the chemical industry. We need to make sure that products are manufactured according to the correct formulas and that finished goods can be rated at the appropriate potency, while we eliminate product waste. Quality inside industry is managed by two different activities:

Quality assurance. Used to measure and provide confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled, thereby preventing flaws in the product.

Quality control. Used to ensure quality requirements by identifying and correcting product flaws.

What they have in common i s the thorough inspection before and after product processing.

Benefits that we get from implementing quality controls

  • Better use of raw material reducing waste and thus the cost.
  • Better productivity index with less wasted time.
  • Reputation increases not only with consumers, but also within the industry.
  • Compliance with local and international regulations, getting better results avoiding penalties.
  • Strict focus on consumer and employees safety.

Inside the cleaning and chemical industry, processes must be done exactly as protocol dictates, to ensure a minimum product variation. This helps as a promise that products are going to work the way they are expected to, and no harm or danger could be presented while managing them.

Inside every company, the quality management department must be organized in a way where the flow of information is the key to success. The amount and clearness of the information will help everyone to understand at any time, any obstacle or problem that may occur without warning, getting as fast as possible to a viable solution.

Every company must pay close attention to their overall processes in order to achieve a routine through regulation where every day, everything is done the way it must be, without any variations that could affect the product and the final consumer.