How you can improve your sales within the Jan/San Industry (Part 2 of 3) Tip 2: Stay in your customers’ minds!

"We will grow our business! We need New Clients!" Sorry but no!! You are completely wrong! 

The effort to win new customers is much more expensive than to keep them (It costs up to 7 times more). If you make your customer feel happier and more valuable, the chances that they will buy your products again and increase their spending will increase.

The Jan/San market has a limited number of customers, so for each one you keep is one less for the competition!

What can you do?

You must first identify your frequent customers. When you recognize them, you can spend more time on these accounts, encouraging them to buy more. How? keeping them happy and retaining them longer. In the Jan/San market, we can see that most companies give equal importance to all customers. Although it sounds nice, it’s not a good idea and you have to give frequent customers preferential treatment.

The way people work has changed a lot as technology has increased in business.

As we improve the ways we communicate, unfortunately, it happens that many companies no longer have a face. The important thing is that as human beings, people continue to buy from other people, and they prefer that to a machine. This is why you have to develop trust in your clients and you must get to know them in person.

If you haven’t already you should consider customer intelligence software. By implementing this type of system you’ll be able to spot cross-selling, up-selling, and link-selling opportunities. Customer intelligence software will also allow you to spot competitor threats and identify leaking sales so you can act quickly to retain your priority customers. 

As you know, the Jan/San market has a lot of competition. You also have to focus on giving your company a modern image to stand out from the rest. Whatever you choose, it has to be completely unique to your business in order to have great communication with both your active and new customers.

Finally, you must show your clients cutting-edge technology such as smartphones, computers, and tablets when being in sales meetings, since we need to do business by having and showing the world a sensational image. So you must use these tools to bring great benefits to your company.