Teenagers' cell phone habits help spread bathroom germs

93% of young people use their cell phones in the bathroom according to a survey

Do people in your company take their cell phones to the bathroom? According to a recent survey by Vioguard Inc., an ultraviolet light technology company, young people using their mobile phones in the bathroom could lead to high transfer of bacteria and viruses due to lack of disinfection.

Vioguard conducted a study of more than 1,100 US respondents between May 19-21 to better understand consumers about their cell phone cleanliness or lack thereof. The study showed that 93% of young adults ages 18-29 use their cell phones while in the bathroom.

Furthermore, the study also found that:

- 73% of respondents of all ages admitted to using their phone on the toilet or while standing on the urinal.

- One in three people admitted never having cleaned their phones and 75% said they cleaned them less than once a day. Of those who did clean their phones, less than half used a cleaning wipe. Others said they wore a cloth or even a shirt sleeve or trouser leg.

- More than 87% agreed that airborne viruses and bacteria remain alive after landing on surfaces

- Almost 90% agreed that you can get infected by touching dirty surfaces like your cell phone.

"The results of this survey clearly show that consumers admit that their phones are not clean and that they can get sick from their phones without disinfecting, but they are taking few, if any, precautions necessary to disinfect their phones effectively," he said. Mark Beeston, vice president. president of sales of Vioguard.

Source: CMM Online, CISION PR Newswire