The air quality inside the facilities continues to be a concern within the pandemic

As a facilities manager, are you doing everything you can to keep people calm about the indoor air quality in your building? Among those surveyed in four different countries, half said they would feel more confident returning to work with more information on indoor air quality.

Measurement technology company Vaisala surveyed more than 4,000 people in the United States, France, Germany, and Finland in recent months regarding how they perceive indoor air quality in their workplaces, as well as in public spaces, including shopping malls, sports facilities, and public transport. He found that more people (60%) were concerned about air quality in public spaces and the majority of those surveyed (65%) said their indoor air quality concerns affected their motivation to travel.

“People understand that infection risk is higher in indoor spaces where people are in close proximity with each other, and where ventilation is insufficient,” says Anu Kätkä, from Vaisala’s product management.

Among the half who feel confident about returning to their workspaces:

  • 71% of Finnish respondents feel safe about returning

  • 70% of French respondents feel safe

  • 65% of American respondents feel safe

  • 55% of the German respondents feel safe.

  • 50% of all respondents said that they would feel safer about returning to work with more information about indoor air quality.

Vaisala is a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements. Building on 85 years of experience, they provide observations for a better world, with space-proof technology even exploring Mars and beyond. A reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services. Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala employs over 1,900 professionals worldwide and is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.

Sources: Vaisala, CMM Online