The Covid-19 pandemic has been improving cleaning habits in Americans

Millennials spend a great deal of time cleaning and have said the pandemic has improved their cleaning routines.

Americans (61%), especially young adults, believe the COVID-19 pandemic has improved their cleaning habits, according to a new survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted on behalf of SC Johnson.  

Half (50%) of respondents have adopted new cleaning routines during the pandemic. Those cleaning more often do so an average of two extra hours each week compared to pre-pandemic routines, and more than half (54%) of Americans expect to keep up their new routines. 

Families are cleaning together

The survey shows families today are cleaning more together, with more than four in 10 (44%) parents reporting that their children are helping clean more than before the pandemic. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of parents said they expect their children to continue to help as much as they did during the pandemic.

Younger generations enjoy cleaning

Among the younger generations participating in more cleaning are millennials, who have adopted new regimens they enjoy and are doing so more frequently than any other age group. Millennials are spending the most time cleaning each week (8.2 hours/week) and are most likely to say the pandemic has improved their cleaning habits. The survey also revealed new cleaning trends and habits that have emerged due to the pandemic. Additional findings include: 

  • Younger generations enjoy cleaning more than their parents’ generations: An overwhelming majority of millennials (75%) and Generation Z (82%) respondents say they enjoy cleaning, almost double what baby boomers (46%) and matures (40%) say.

  • Americans are spending more time than ever cleaning: Americans are spending an average of six hours each week cleaning their homes with nearly nine in 10 (89%) being satisfied with the cleanliness of their home.

  • When Americans have the time to clean, they find it enjoyable: Those who are cleaning more often are spending two extra hours each week compared to pre-pandemic, with nearly seven in 10 respondents (67%) saying they enjoy cleaning.

  • Consumers are paying close attention to surfaces: Cleaning doorknobs and handles has become the leading routine that is being done more often (45%), along with hand sanitizer and germ-killing products being purchased more now than before the pandemic. The top three areas getting cleaned more during the pandemic are doorknobs and handles, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Source:  CMM ONLINE and SC Johnson