Ways to Manage Underperforming Employees

Probably not all of your employees can be easy to manage or meet your expectations in the way you want. The way you handle your challenging employees will make you stand out as a manager, business owner, or entrepreneur.

Randy Anderson* with E3 Professional Trainers will offer best practices for managing challenging employees at the Managing Loveable Underperformers and Landmine Employees education session at ISSA Show North America 2021 November 15-18 in Las Vegas.

Session participants will learn how to facilitate a constructive initial conversation, create a coaching strategy that directly ties performance to key objectives, and hold the person accountable with quantifiable metrics. This approach minimizes the emotional or subjective aspect of coaching/correction and allows both parties to focus on the objective facts and the logical steps to improvement.

Take a look of Anderson’s presentation below

*Anderson, Randy

Owner/Co-Founder/Independent Training Consultant E3 Professional Trainers, LLC

Randy Anderson spent 25 years in sales before starting E3 Professional Trainers in 2005.  His experience in sales includes products and services to small businesses and large corporations.  He also spent 9 years managing salespeople and sales support personnel.  From that experience, he developed methods to help organizations improve sales revenue, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Since 2005 he has also practiced what he preaches to build a successful training company.  He has delivered these strategies through customized training, keynote presentations, and personal coaching to tens of thousands of people in over half of the United States.  His areas of expertise includes: Leadership/Management, Communication/Conflict Resolution, Time Management/Personal Productivity, Teamwork/Team Building, Employee Engagement, and of course, Sales and Customer Service.

Source: ISSA Show Planner, CMM Online, ISSA Show,  YouTube