Really low temperatures are being registered on the north-east coast of the United States as the winter is coming closer. Low temperatures can be harmful if you are not ready to face these drastic changes.

The resistance to virus is drastically reduced on cold weather because our body focus its strengths on keeping us warm and alive. This lets different virus the opportunity to infect and harm us.

This is another thing we should keep in mind this season; the Covid-19 is an important matter where we should be really focused on, but without leaving out other threats.

Fortunately, the correct disinfection for Covid-19 is also useful for other harms bringing some calm and relief to our homes.

Drastic changes in the market

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic throughout his year, cleaning and sanitizing industry are growing considerably, the market is on an urge to get more efficient and long-lasting products to be able to be calm and keep going with their new ways of living.

The pandemic caught producers off guard with an insane increase of demand which can be an opportunity and as a hard challenge for the industry. New alternatives through different products and technologies are being used in order to make disinfection quicker, more efficient and less time-consuming because of the fact it has to be done quite often.

Am I using the correct sanitizing products?

There is also a negative side on this surprisingly increase on demand. As customers keep getting more demanding, wanting more products, better quality, and better prices, produces must get to fast but not so good solutions to keep up with the market.

Some of them are using mixtures of supplies to keep supplying alcohol-based sanitizers which leads to less effectiveness. Most common remarkable scenario is acquiring products from companies and even countries that normally would not make sanitizers, these products are less reliable because their testing and quality are not regulated according to Standards.

This winter, temperatures below zero are expected in the region as every winter. We must carry out the correct and careful purchase of supplies. For example, if a hand sanitizer does freeze that means it does not have high enough alcohol content. In that case, any hand sanitizer that is frozen probably was not worth using in the first place.

We must keep a close eye on the elder and children who are most likely to get affected by harsh cold weather and are vulnerable to other deceases which can be avoided keeping the disinfection habit forced by the Covid-19 pandemic through good cleaning and disinfection supplies.