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Cyan Labs offers 4 services to fit your private label needs on cleaning and personal hygiene chemical specialties . Whether you are just starting to plan your private label line, you already have a line and you need to increase your manufacturing capacity, or you need someone to develop your revolutionary formula, we are here to work with you in every step of the way.

Total Private Label Management

A service designed to aid you from getting the right research done to defining your private label strategy, designing and manufacturing your products to implementing the strategy and following up with sales.

Customized Product Development

A service that begins with defining specs and expectations on product performance all the way to formulation, designing, testing and manufacturing of a product specially designed for a particular market.

Private Label Services


A service designed to offer an easier way to create a private label line of cleaning and/or personal hygiene products. From product definition and cross referencing to testing and designing label and package.

Toll Blending and Contract Packaging

A service designed to manufacture products according to predefined formulations and procedures as well as raw materials. Flexible sourcing allows for direct sourcing or substitution for cost improvement.

Total Private Label Management*

From retail private label strategy to product sales.

What does Total Private Label Management mean? It is a complete service, offered only to retail stores in México, which offers a service package that ranges from market research all the way to the definition, planning and execution of a private label strategy within the retail market in México.

This Cyan Labs service is made up of the following processes which culminate in the manufacture of products that are specially designed to achieve the best brand positioning within your retail chain. On the side graphic you may get a better idea of the service range in each phase.*

*IMPORTANT: Service only available to retail market in México.

Customized Product Development

From ideas to products.

You have an idea of the product you need but all you're missing is how to make it possible? Our Research & Development (R&D) Center can help you get there!

With its vast array of chemical knowledge and 40 years of experience in design, formulation and product development you can count on having the best team in product development at your service. Whether it is analyzing an existing product and improving it to all the way to starting out from just an idea, our lab team can make it possible.


•Confidentiality Agreement
•Product Concept Analysis


•Sample Analysis


•Label and Packaging Design
•Specs Submittal


•Creation of MSDS, Technical Data Sheets
•Certification Process (if necessary)


•Batch sampling and approval
•Product Manufacturing

We have the flexibility required in order to meet our customers' specifications.

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Interested? The process to get your own private label started is as easy as follows:

1. Get to know out private label product categories available. Browse our Product section for further information, but if you do not see what you are looking for do not worry, follow these steps and we will help you.

2. Fill out our Get Started Form which you can download here. By having a better idea on what your goals are, we can then guide you in defining the next steps in building your line.

3. Contact Us with your Get Started form and lets get your private label going!