World predictions have never been so interesting, especially in these times where we are experiencing one of the most uncertain and changing moments in the history of mankind.

In 2020 a team of experts from Visual Capitalist did an extensive and in-depth research on the most interesting predictions of 2021, and now that the year is over, we decided to analyze what those predictions were, which ones came true, and what to expect from them for 2022.

These predictions are the reflection that our world has undergone gigantic changes and that life as we know it can change from one year to the next exponentially. Something to keep us calm is that most of these predictions seem to carry with them good omens, and the results show that in different respects, we are not doing so badly as a society! So let's see what these predictions were.

ESG was predicted to reach a tipping point.

It's no denial that the global green transition theme has grown in front of our eyes in the last few years and because of this, the investment community has begun to strongly lay their eggs in this basket.
The prediction for 2021 could not have been more true.

A record $649 billion poured into ESG-focused funds worldwide through Nov. 30, up from the $542 billion and $285 billion that flowed into these funds in 2020 and 2019. Support for social and environmental proposals at the shareholder meetings of U.S. companies rose to 32% in 2021 from 27% in 2020 and from 21% in 2017, according to the Sustainable Investments Institute.

We thought China would have a strong 2021

More than a prediction, It also became a kind of global gossip that after the impact generated by Covid-19, China’s GDP growth was going to take a big leap. It seemed that the rumors would become a reality, because in the first half of 2021 China's GDP expanded 12.7 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2021, but on the third quarter things took a different direction as this country’s GDP grew a disappointing 4.9%.

Every year, brands are becoming more authentic and values-driven

“Brands have taken over a role of accelerating the personal growth of their costumers” -Trendhunter

We are all witnessing the increase in awareness in society regarding problems such as damage to the environment, gender or race discrimination, gender equity, health and nutrition etc. These movements have taken so much power in society that it is becoming a requirement for big brands to take into account for their staff, their clients and the message they’re putting across to the world. Big companies like Adidas, Estée Lauder, Hilton, Nationwide, American Express, and more, have prioritized values and ethics within and outside their companies. We can definitely expect a stronger reinforcement of these values for 2022.

A great rethinking of office life is already happening

The pandemic brought many changes in the way companies operate. One of these changes are especially beneficial to employees that found out they actually work better from home. Many companies had an increase in production since their people are doing home-office and working at their own pace. As a result, 57% of companies will maintain the home office as an alternative in the post-pandemic.
“Organizations will increasingly focus on what matters most, work done instead hours worked, and missions accomplished instead of tasks completes” -The Enterprises Project

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While we thought these predictions not only came true but some of them actually went past what we thought would happen, we can definitely have an edge against our competition if we read about 2022's predictions and drive our company to be prepared in time. Don't miss our 2022 article this year! Read all about it here.