How to overcome 3 strong doubts about hiring commercial cleaners

Learn about concerns, do your research, and prepare to explain the benefits of your services

Business owners have a lot to think about on a daily basis and hiring a Jan-San company is often one of the last things on their list. The hiring of cleaning personnel can sometimes lead to doubts derived from various problems, from how much it costs to lack of confidence and concern about the application of harsh chemicals.

We, as experts in the cleaning industry for a long time, have noticed three common themes when business managers consider incorporating a commercial cleaning company. Here are some of the most common concerns along with some simple ways to reassure and convince more business owners of the many benefits of the Jan-San industry.

1: Pricing

Business owners often wonder what they are really getting, and why they should hire a specialized team to go to the office, restaurant, or retail facility to clean up deep.

Managers' main argument is that their offices are "not that dirty" or claim how employees can handle the easy tasks of keeping spaces clean and tidy. But we as professionals know the fact is that the office is usually much dirtier than your potential client can see.

The world has been changed forever by a pandemic that has put cleanliness and germs on a red light. You must remind your customers that commercial cleaning is no longer a luxury but that it is extremely important to keep people safe and healthy.

It should be explained that Jan-San companies pay attention to small details that are often overlooked. Professionals focus on cleaning high-touch areas like elevator buttons and door knobs. Trash cans are vacuumed and emptied regularly. All of this works together to make the space cleaner for the customer and limit the amount of germs that remain after a day's work.

2: Strong chemicals and persistent fumes

There is a perception that professional cleaning products are too harsh and could leave persistent fumes. Chemical fumes and odors can cause migraine headaches and slow production in the workplace.

Experienced cleaning companies will help business owners understand that this concern is valid, but steps can be taken to reduce the concern. For example, explain how most cleaning is done at night so that chemical fumes do not linger during the day. A reputable commercial cleaning company should schedule its jobs for times when employees are not in the building to reduce the effects of these chemicals. The job of cleaning carpets in an office, for example, can be done on a Friday night, so any lingering fumes or odors will disappear on Monday when workers return.

3: Confidence and professionalism

One of the frequent doubts when hiring a commercial cleaning company is the lack of confidence. Business owners are often nervous about allowing outsiders to enter the building after hours. Understandably, giving non-business people access to confidential information or expensive equipment can create many concerns and requires a high level of trust.

Every business must build a reputation that helps reduce these concerns. The first step is to ensure that workers present themselves in professional uniforms with identification tags. This will help employees who may stay in the building during the night hours to identify members of the cleaning crew.

Cleaning companies must also have adequate insurance. It is important to emphasize to potential clients that your business is properly covered by general liability insurance, workers' compensation, and a cleaning bond policy. This will potentially help to show that there is professionalism and gain the trust of your clients.

Questions and reasons for not hiring a commercial cleaning company will always be part of this job, as we interact with potential clients who are considering incorporating our services. It is important to know their mindset and be prepared to explain the benefits as you work to grow your cleaning business.

Source: CMM Online