Improvement of the image of the facilities - Beyond appearances - Webinar

We found this webinar interesting. And we believe that it can be very important to you since you are part of the Jan-San industry. It consists of creating a better image for your clients' facilities. It's not just what's on the surface, we go beyond first impressions.

This instructional video is invited by three industry leaders with many years of experience representing both the BSCs (Building Services Contractors) and the in-house facilities services segments of our industry. Jeff Cross (ISSA Media Director) moderates this discussion and focuses on how to maximize cleanliness with your staff, ways to identify weak areas for building cleaning and maintenance, and how to get more done with tight budgets and reduced staff.

Don't miss the finale as the panelists answer questions and answers from the audience and successfully solve many doubts



Gene Woodard

Scott Stevenson

Ricky Regalado

Spent more than 35 years as part of the custodial services, building maintenance, and related services at the University of Washington in Seattle. He served as the Director of the Buildings Services Department.Is the president and owner of KleenMark, a building service contracting company that serves several specialized industries. He is also serving as an executive officer on the board of directors for ISSA.Serial Entrepreneur, with 5 companies now and a partner in a 6th. Has over 15 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and Brand Management in various industries such as Cleaning service, Real Estate, Finance and Apparel and Textile screen printing industries.
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Source: CMM Online, YouTube