What is the Key to Sales Success for Jan/San Distributors?

We have all made a purchase from a seller and immediately say "Wow! That person was a very good seller!" and just as so, we have been on the opposite side where we know that the person who sells is not helping at all to make the sale happen. What is the difference between these two vendors? Communication, better said, good communication. 

In these times of product shortages and price increases, a good dialogue between the buyer and the seller makes all the difference. And yes, there are people who have the natural talent to sell, but if they don’t, there’s always ways they can practice and learn new ways to achieve it.

Listen to them

Something that every client wants is to be heard. Pay attention to everything they tell you, in his words lies the real reason why that person wants what you sell. You will be able to answer a lot of their questions and give a better service in general.

Read them

Do a little research on body language, there are times when people express more with their body than with their words and it can help a lot in a sale. Your body language is also very important to make the client feel comfortable and understood.

Be Honest

Many sellers have the anxiety to sell and prefer to say what they think will convince the client even if this is not completely honest. In the long term this can have many repercussions. Honesty builds a good long-term relationship based on trust that can last a lifetime. So remember it's okay to say “I don't know the answer to that question, but I can sure help you find out”.

Be Careful

And finally persistence with caution. Do not give up if at first try you can't contact the client. Find other ways to reach them but be careful not to cross the line from persistent to annoying. 

These tips, if taken seriously and are put into practice, can help you build a good relationship with your clients and make your sales a success!