How you can improve your sales within the Jan/San Industry (Part 1 of 3)

Jan/San's industry is a busy market. Trying to grow within this environment may seem a bit difficult. There are several ways to ensure consistent sales and higher income. In this special edition of our Blog, we will show tips to change your way of thinking and learn to open up to new ideas to have a successful business.

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Get to know your products better. If you do that, you will rise above your competition.

You may think differently, but working inside the Jan/San market there are many companies that are not sure what their own products consist of, or understand. And, of course, they do not know which products can give them the most benefits, or which are the ones that generate the most sales, or which product can contribute to another sale, or which product is losing appeal among customers.

For this reason, you have to know which of these products need to be promoted in the market, since there are many competitors who try to undercut you on price.

It may be that your management systems are not yet ready to accurately predict the way your customers will behave when buying your products. And they may also struggle to provide you with immediate and timely reports that may be too important to make a good business decision.

What can you do?

Do your best to get a deep understanding of your business, and after that, you can find the information you need easier. Stop putting that data in manageable formats. Stop using Excel to gain some perspective. And don't start to process everything manually either. It won’t work.

You should look for other options, such as a business intelligence solution that works with your back-office data and creates sales reports automatically. You will save time and money as well as ensuring your salespeople have timely customer reports to follow up on so you never miss selling opportunities.

After obtaining your reports, you have to look at which products are the ones that give you the best sales margin. Later you can improve your profits by seeing where they can fit in with other top-selling products. For example: Who bought microfiber clothes but not floor cleaner to go with them in the last month? A microfiber cloth can be a good selling item, but they don't give you the utility you need, like floor cleaner. In this way, little by little, he will learn to combine products and make cross-sales, or also lower the price of a product and offset the profits with the cost of another at a higher price. So you can recover your earnings in different ways.

Also, don't forget the power of the smartphone or tablet. These are vital tools for a salesperson, especially if they need to receive customer reports while they are away from home. Simply connect them to your IT systems and send your salespeople all the customer information they will need to bring more revenue to your business.

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